Leadership & Governance

We are governed by a Group Board of Management which:

  • Sets the overall strategic direction
  • Upholds our vision and purpose of “Creating Opportunities, Changing Lives”
  • Ensures we deliver our priorities and invest our resources effectively
  • Monitors the quality of services and our business and financial performance
  • Ensures we comply with all regulatory and legal requirements
  • Ensures customers are engaged and influencing services
  • Set what we delegate to our Chief Executive and directors to run the business day-to-day
  • Identifies and manages key strategic risks
  • Approves each year’s budget, business plan and annual accounts
  • Approves corporate strategies and policies
  • Ensures we achieve value for money for all stakeholders
  • Ensures the right internal controls are in place

Board places great emphasis on the impact a quality they can bring to the business. Non-executive Directors are recruited for a range of skills that support the diversity of the business and we specifically look for the added value they can bring. We regularly review board skills against business need, as well as ensuring that individual and collective appraisals support personal and collective development and continuous learning for the benefit of the Group.

The governance structure includes a dedicated Audit and Risk Committee, a Customer Services Committee and the flexibility of a Special Committee that forms to support particular business priorities. We have a Remuneration and Membership Committee that meet as required. We place strong importance on hearing the voice of customers – our Resident Panel has a direct route to Board and our scrutiny panel is made up of residents and board members.

Board has adopted the National Housing Federation Code of Governance.

All board members are paid and can serve for a maximum of nine years. Opportunities for new members are advertised and candidates go through a challenging recruitment process to make sure they have the right skills and the right cultural fit to uphold our purpose, values and ambition for the customers, partners and communities we work with.